Last summer

Go on. Give me what I want.

He stood in front of me. Finally, I could see him. A head of wild, blond curls dampened with sweat from dancing. The heat of the crowd had pushed him to take off his shirt, and the two scars on his chest gave him an air as if he had taken part in a fight. Despite his physique; his muscular body and flat chest, he carried a certain softness. His body betrayed his past. He knew both worlds. He knew how it felt. Making love with him meant sex without boundaries. This made him the best lover I’ve known. We stood in front of each other, in one of the many abandoned rooms in the villa. An empty, oval shaped swimming pool with blue mosaic stones was the centerpiece of the room, and a rusty, questionable ladder led down to its floor. The glass ceiling held a picturesque image of the stars. This home was to be renovated by acquaintances of ours, but before the interior was to be stripped, the architect had decided to hold a party for all his friends. His parties were notorious.

His eyes were glued to mine; the testosterone in him was the cause of an ever present greediness. A hunger for more.

“I know what you want”, he said.

As those words left his mouth, a spark ignited in the pit of my stomach. My mouth parted as to soothe my body with a stream of oxygen. My eyes wandered to just below his waist, where I saw an unnaturally large bulge. Clearly, he had prepared. I took two steps towards him, an audacious look in my eye. I pushed him against the wall. There had to be a show a force, a decision as to who was the leader, and who would be the follower. I was not, by nature, a pushover.

There had to be a show a force, a decision as to who was the leader, and who would be the follower.

“How do you know what I want?” I asked boldly. At this, his hand moved to the back of my head, grabbing hold at the roots of my hair, pulling it back slightly. His mouth moved toward my ear. I could feel the heat from his body and his face as he whispered: “because I know the porn you watch, slut”. I felt a wave of excitement shoot from my crotch to my stomach, and reach the rest of my body. The result was an uncontrollable blushing. I loved it when he called me slut; it gave me the confidence that I could do and be so much more. It was as if I no longer had to be that goody-two-shoes, proper, self-possessed person anymore. “Go on, give me what I want”, I said, looking straight at him.


His gaze left mine for a second, focussing instead on something behind me. Because his had was still in control of the movements of my head, I was unable to turn to look at his new object of interest. I saw a smile form at the corners of his mouth, and grow into the grin I knew so well. It had to be a third party; I heard footsteps approaching. Two foreign hands moved from my shoulders to my hips. The person behind me pushed her body against mine. As I was pressed between my two lovers, I felt her grind her pelvis against my hips. She leant forward slightly and kissed Robin on the mouth. Finally she was within my field of vision, and I recognized her instantly. Robin and I had watched her often, we both found her incredibly attractive. She had dark hair, blood red lips, and a powerful look in her eyes. Her loose-fitting Scandinavian outfits could never truly veil her flawless body. I had never had the courage to speak with her, but Robin, apparently, did; and now here she stood, with us – correction; with Robin – kissing passionately. Tara and Robin finally broke their bond, and looked at me, laughing.

“Are you game?” I didn’t have to think long. Of course I was. In a surge of courage, I kissed Tara full on the mouth. She didn’t answer my kiss, but stayed still, eyes on mine. I felt myself grow smaller at this unexpected reaction. What did I do wrong? Hadn’t we all just agreed to do this together? “Wait until I say it’s allowed”, Tara’s voice was calm. Robin bent down so that his head was level with ours.

“Tara also knows what you want. So how about you undress first.”

While blushing, I did what was asked of me. I laughed wildly, but I didn’t have the confidence to do much else. This was obviously a game in which it was not mine to take the initiative.

Tara walked towards me and removed a bandana from her wrist. She tied my wrists behind my back with surprising ease and skill. “She’s well prepared”, I thought to myself. Robin leant nonchalantly against the wall as he watched how this woman lead me to the center of the empty swimming pool.

Tara ordered me to get on my knees, which I willingly obeyed. She unzipped her black skinny jeans and pushed them down to her boots. I could just barely see the geometric patterns of her tattoos before she pushed my head between her legs; “lick me”, she demanded. Completely at her mercy, I pleasured her with my mouth, tongue and chin. I hardly had the chance to breathe; Tara pushed me firmly into her. “Harder”, she groaned. Robin, meanwhile, had moved behind me, and was knelt down. He stroked my stomach and chest, and massaged my butt. Robin proved a distraction from Tara, and it became increasingly more difficult to concentrate on her ever-wilder body movements. Robin leant over me, pushing his crotch against my butt and kissing my neck and back. His had glided gently down to the warm, wet area between my legs. I groaned with pleasure when his fingers disappeared into me.

Tara bade me to stop, and helped me up. She turned me around and let Robin kiss me. The taste of Tara filled our mouths and caused Robin to grow wild with excitement. His hands slid hungrily over my upper legs. Tara watched with pleasure, and released my wrists from her black bandana. Robin gasped in my ear “I want you”, to which I answered with my recently freed hand; I let it reach the bulge between his legs. There was only one thing I could think of: him in me. Robin’s strap-on was always ready, and it persisted until I said stop. A big improvement when comparing him to my exes. Tara put her hand on mine and together we rubbed Robin’s crotch. He gasped with anticipation, and closed his eyes. When I wanted to place my hands in Robin’s pants Tara stopped me. “Don’t be so greedy, slut. Me first”.

I had to watch from a distance as Tara took command of his passion. She kissed him intensely and they caressed each other’s body. Tara kissed Robin’s broad shoulders, traveling down to the small of his back. I saw how Robin relished in the attention. Tara ripped the remaining clothes off Robin’s body, betraying her own state of excitement.

When Tara mounted Robin, I felt a mixture of jealousy and excitement.

I had always been a visual person, falling for the aesthetics and the art of sex. Yet this stung slightly. Robin and I had always left room for the other to be free, but he had always been my best fuck-buddy. It was this combination of emotion, and my inability to say anything about it that caused me to take deep breaths of longing. Tara wrapped her legs around Robin’s, and threw her head back with pleasure as she moved her hips up and down. Robin, just as I, could only watch as she brought herself to her climax.


While Tara was catching her breath, Robin winked at me to come closer. I wanted to walk, but Robin had other plans. “What do you think you’re doing? On hands and knees”. Standing nude in front of people was never a problem, but this was slightly more embarrassing. I looked helplessly at Robin. “Come on, do I have to?” Robin’s stern gaze was enough to tell me that he meant it. “On your knees you, and quickly.” I lowered myself slowly to the ground and did what was told. I felt myself sweating; I felt my shame mix with a new sort of horniness. It was an impressive crawl to the other end of the pool, and the mosaic stones scraped at my knees. Robin kissed me when I arrived at my destination, and I lowered myself into his embrace. “Shall we finally free you from your suffering, sexy girl?” I searched for a self-possessed answer, but I could only beg; “Yes! Please”. Tara sat behind me, and I leaned against her warm chest. She kissed my neck and collar. Robin kissed my stomach, upper leg, and groin.

Their warm, soft mouths traversing my entire body completely relaxed me; they could do whatever they wanted

Robin’s mouth dropped off between my legs. His warm tongue circled that perfect spot carefully. Tara’s hands massaged my breasts. She kissed my neck. When Robin began to use his fingers, I felt myself fall at the mercy of my own pleasure. It filled my mind. I sank into Tara’s chest and felt how I, in the middle of the empty pool, exploded with ecstasy.